Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Alpha' by Amber Lee and the Anomalies

It's true!
I finally made a pro video with my friends Mark Nichols and Julie Lewis.
And here it is:

It took two very packed days.
We had to find two locations - the cafe scene, and the dog park.
We re-arranged all the furniture in Mark and Julies small 1 bedroom apartment in Echo Park (Los Angeles.)
And I had gigs at night on each of our long days.

Julie came up with the fabulous idea of making the male character that I 'Alpha' a point-of-view character with male hands (which were Mark's.)
It made casting so much easier; we only had to find Jenni the dancer, and Marisol (their neighbor) to be one of the girlfriends.

It was fun watching Mark and Julie work together as a two headed monster - Julie had to hold the camera while Mark had his hands in the shot - but the camera had to be basically in front of his face in order to read as his point of view.

Now I'm addicted to making videos!
I hope to make one for each song on my upcoming album, 'Indelible.'

I have a few ideas brewing... stay tuned!

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  1. very listenable, and danceable too! that's important..